Aging is not an urgent health challenge according to the WHO

The Official Guardians of Public Health on Earth, The World Health Organisation has released a list of 13 urgent health challenges for the next decade and the world-wide problems brought about by biological aging did not make the list. To re-phrase: age-associated chronic diseases, today undoubtedly the biggest killers of humans in existence, were not important enough for the World Health Organisation to prioritise interventions against them. Check whatever world-wide top 10 list of mortality and morbidity, or if you are lazy, just check the top 5.

But no. As the WHO announcement says:

Public health is ultimately a political choice.

WHO announcement: Urgent health challenges for the next decade

So here we have in front of us the unambiguous political choice and loud message of the WHO.

What other evidence is needed for the supporters of healthy longevity to realise that their issue, our issue, is not on the list, not getting enough attention, being talked down continuously?

What other incentive is needed to stand for it within the political arena?

Longevity science, longevity technology, longevity industry are growing at a feverish pace but without sufficient political representation this whole momentum might come to a halt. Now’s the time to show your support, when even the Official Guardians of Public Health on Earth are doing their best to ignore the single biggest cause of human health deterioration.

Source: John Beard’s tweet, John Beard ex Director of WHO’s Ageing and Life Course Department.