Thanking the supporters!

I can safely say that the whole point of my MEP candidate campaign was to make some people consider the strength behind the opportunity of a healthy longevity politics. From a simple thesis, lots of things follow and a whole political world view can be built upon it, if framed properly. As a complete political rookie, standing as an independent, underdog candidate the main drive behind my campaign was to get positive responses out of individual people and certainly not career politics. Here I’ve selected some comments from around social media. Thank you! Will continue this one way or another.

Political starter kit on advancing healthy longevity

Most people currently are spending the last decades of their lives in ill-health, fighting multiple chronic conditions. By now most people realise and experience first-hand during their lives, that biological ageing is responsible for majority of chronic diseases and deaths these days.

Time is not working for us and current political times are working against us.

But there’s an upside. We can fix both, prioritise health and healthy longevity as top political goals. Continue reading “Political starter kit on advancing healthy longevity”