Political starter kit on advancing healthy longevity

Most people currently are spending the last decades of their lives in ill-health, fighting multiple chronic conditions. By now most people realise and experience first-hand during their lives, that biological ageing is responsible for majority of chronic diseases and deaths these days.

Time is not working for us and current political times are working against us.

But there’s an upside. We can fix both, prioritise health and healthy longevity as top political goals. Continue reading “Political starter kit on advancing healthy longevity”

Cambridge Hustings

The Hustings is about to start at Cambridge University’s Great St. Mary’s Church

There was only 1 minute introductory speech allowed and it’s really hard to get a point across about a political innovation concerning healthy longevity that can be achieved via advanced biomedicine. One needs to make a scientific point too. Good lesson and learning experience though.

My take on Parliamentary Longevity Group launch event in House of Commons

This Monday I attended the launching event of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity in the House of Commons. The acting group secretariat of this group is Longevity International.

I was glad to observe 2 things.

First, the positive way of how to frame the problem and program here: to talk about healthy longevity, more years spent healthily and fully functionally as opposed to highlight the functional compromise that is biological ageing and the societal burden that comes with it.

Second, there’s a target number emerging as an objective, to quote from the press release:

Government has set a goal that by 2035 we should all be able to live 5 extra healthy, independent years

All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity – living well for longer – a strategy to accelerate health span by 2035 press release

So I see a rare political consensus emerging around this mission on part of mainstream political actors in the UK and the messaging is good.

Additionally, I have 3 points to raise to broaden this message and make it bolder too. But first, here’s my new business card for you to look at for the elections, probably the only such card from a candidate featuring an actual scientific figure showing the hallmark molecular and cellular aging processes. 🙂 Continue reading “My take on Parliamentary Longevity Group launch event in House of Commons”