The birth of cross-European healthy longevity politics: 1 in 500 voters backing it in Germany and East of England

Here’s a new starting point to think of in politics: 1 in 500 voters support healthy longevity politics or at least prioritising aging research dramatically if you consider 0.2% of all valid votes in Germany went to The Party for Health Research (71,000 votes) & 0.2% of votes (3230) in East of England Region went to this person writing this very post.

The German Party for Health Research (Partei für Gesundheitsforschung) has been founded in 2015. You can read my interview with its founder Felix Werth here. They have been working hard to raise the profile for aging research and the demand of developing effective medicines against age-associated diseases ever since. The 71,000 votes backing them in EU elections are a very significant number, but unfortunately they would have needed to reach ~200,000 votes in order to send their candidate to the European Parliament.

And there’s me who stood as the only independent MEP candidate in the East of England Region, a complete political rookie, unknown outside of the still small world-wide longevity community and proteomics bioinformatics circles. Also a continental European science immigrant in the the extremely polarised UK.What made me confident to stand for the message of advancing healthy longevity for all is not just my longevity biology background but this being combined with my philosophy background. I spent most of my free time last year to draft a book on the (largely political) philosophy of longevity. The fact that in my constituency I was able to get 0.2% of all the votes with a ~2 week, minimal budget (spent <100 GBP for 4 mini fb campaign the day before elections), grassroots campaign shows the potential.

To enable, accelerate scientific and technological innovation political innovation is needed. What you’ve seen here in the EU elections were the first steps of the political innovation around healthy longevity as a scientific, technological and societal opportunity, that is coming your way.

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