3230 individual votes, 0.2% of all votes in East of England Region went to healthy longevity politics

Dear 3230 individuals, I feel like I should individually reach out and thank you personally, one by one (still doable I think :). You made the actual effort to understand what am standing for and without any previous exposure to longevity politics. You voted to this particular individual talking here, serving as a medium for this message: thank you, you understood the future, that the health of everything else should be enabled by robust individual health till close to the end. I expected 0.1% and 0.2% is double of that expectation, starting literally from a political zero couple of weeks ago.

And think of the backdrop of your vote: you live in an incredibly polarised country and you have voted to a continental European science immigrant with a weird name and a strange accent. You have already passed the test of genuine openness, so congratulate yourself. And this openness is going to be the key of our future.

East of England EU Election Results 2019

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