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Time is not working for us and current political times are seemingly working against us.

We can fix both!

The Problem

Humanity is aging rapidly and biological aging presents an increasing problem for humans.

The majority of people over 65 have multiple medical conditions, most people over 80 are fighting 4+ chronic diseases on a daily basis.

Biological aging is responsible for the majority of deaths these days due to age-associated diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases.

Biological aging is compromising human flourishing, even more tomorrow, than today, and next year is going to be worse than this year.

The Scientific/Technological Opportunity

Luckily there‚Äôs been a breakthrough reached in the last decades in terms of understanding the major molecular and cellular processes behind biological aging and now we know the major hallmarks of aging. Treatments/interventions are currently  under development to counteract these separate processes, one by one, or even combined to act on multiple processes at the same time.

Combining this with the default increase in life expectancy due to normal development in the biomedical sciences, there is now a chance to tackle the biggest current barrier of healthy life expectancy, biological aging.

The Political Opportunity

Science, technology are working for us, but current political times are working against recognising and representing health and longevity as primary political goals. Current mainstream politics is ignoring these goals at best and actively down-prioritising them at worst.

This provides a unique temporal opportunity to pursue these goals and turn them into a political programme.

Political innovation can be as hard as scientific and technological innovation. But political innovation can and should happen out here in the big open. The more these ideas are re-used, the better. Free of charge, full of change.

The Programme

We are after the lowest common denominator here: a political strategy that works, a set of political positions that are agreeable for the growing population of healthy longevity supporters. A strategy that is adjustable, positions that are re-negotiable in the light of new situations. Democracy is dynamic, people can modify their views, the more time given, the more opportunity to reach consensus. We can only make progress if we can inform people, unexposed to the cause, and introduce them a thin world view and make them update their political preferences accordingly. That is the task. We are not going to leave any stone unturned that contributes to this goal.

The idea behind increasing healthy longevity is radical enough to warrant a centrist position in many other matters. Centrism means zero extremism and only a justifiable amount of alarmism.

Content: Types of Posts

News: direct longevity politics events, health care, public health policy, longevity, industry politics, legislation, regulation …

Study Room: a place (post type) to learn about concepts and arguments, expect here some science, some technology, some philosophy, with added law and economics too.

Interviews: asking key people representing key organisations and institutions, be them the potential vehicles of change or the tools of the status quo.

Opinion Pieces: editorials, columns, op-eds on key topics and happenings in the world of longevity politics.

Time is not working for us and current political times are seemingly working against us.

We can fix both! But we need to articulate the political will of longevity supporters in order to make a political climate that allows science, tech, industry and society to complete the first job.

Cheers, Attila, Editor, Cambridge, UK

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