My take on Parliamentary Longevity Group launch event in House of Commons

This Monday I attended the launching event of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity in the House of Commons. The acting group secretariat of this group is Longevity International. I was glad to observe 2 things. First, the positive way of how to frame the problem and program here: to talk about healthy longevity, more […]

Running as an independent UK MEP candidate advancing health and longevity

The East of England region of the UK has now an underdog, cross-border, science nerd candidate for the upcoming EU Elections to stand for prioritising health and longevity. Yes, that’s me and am going to be the only truly independent one as well. Coming out of the Chelmsford City Council after I handed in my […]

In-depth interview with Felix Werth, leader of German Party for Health Research ahead of the EU elections

Health and Longevity Politics Global (HLPG or Longevity Politics for short) is happy to present you with our first interview with non other, than Felix Werth, founder and leader of the German Party for Health Research (PfHR), a unique single-issue political party focusing making medical advances counteracting age-associated diseases as its top priority. Earlier we […]

The German Party for Health Research demands 30 billion euros from EU budget to develop aging-related medicines

The German Party for Health Research (PfH) has finalised its election program for the upcoming European elections on 26th, May, 2019. Their main proposal is to allocate 30 billion euros additionally, every year, from the EU budget for aging related research to develop medicines. PfH is the only known single-issue political party, dedicated solely to […]